Cosmetic dentistry refers to the branch of dentistry that is concerned with problems and treatments related to the gums, teeth and bites. It offers various options for people who are unsatisfied with their smiles. It is a technological advancement to achieve a natural-looking beautiful smile.

Dr. Garima provides the following services in her clinic which helps her patients reveal a smile they ever desired, following are the services involved in Cosmetic Dentistry:

Dr. Garima Jain offers advanced dental care for complexities that arise with the anatomy of the jaw structure, gums and teeth. Prosthodontics can provide you with several benefits like:

  • Laser Whitening –Using the latest laser technology, a “brilliant smile” is created for you. It is most commonly recommended cosmetic dentistry procedure. It can enhance the look of your smile.
  • Porcelain Veneers – Bonded to the outer surface of your teeth to transform broken, misaligned or deformed teeth to dazzling pearly whites in perfect shape.
  • IPS Empress – Recommended for anterior single inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. Excellent soft tissue response and biocompatibility.
  • Crowns – Support a tooth that has been badly damaged by tooth decay, protect worn teeth, anchor a dental bridge, add length or width to misshapen teeth, and cover a dental implant.

Cosmetic Dental Treatment in Gurgaon, Sector 14

Dental treatment, be it general or cosmetic, becomes necessary at one point and choosing the best remains no hassle having Dr. Garima’s Dental Care Centre in locale. It has been housed with some of the latest techniques to provide transcendent dental treatments to their patients in the most comfortable premises situated in Gurgaon, Sector 14, Old DLF City. You can trust the clinic when it comes to attaining the best Cosmetic dental treatment in Gurgaon, Sector 14