Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals in providing preventive and therapeutic oral health care treatments to infants and children in adolescence. For gaining the child’s confidence and co-operation to perform the treatment in sympathetic manner doctors tend to stimulate the attitude and behaviour of the child.

It is very important to ensure your infant doesn’t sleep with the milk bottle left inside his mouth as it leads to gum problems in children. Regularly clean the gums of the child using infant tooth brush, and using tooth paste after the child starts growing milk teeth.

Kids Dentist in Gurgaon, Sector 14

Dr. Garima Jain is a leading and an acclaimed pedodontist for child Dental Care in Gurgaon , Sector 14 , Old DLF City , known for her hearty conduct which helps her manage uncooperative children. She handles every child with a smile and relaxing manner that allows her to gain friendly relation with children treating their dental problems without even letting them realise or go through pain. She’s a favourite among the children for the generous & pain-free dental treatments in Gurgaon, Sector 14