In today’s hectic schedule, dental practices face a serious challenge, a challenge to maintain or enhance productivity while ensuring the patient safety remains a top priority. However, advancement in dental processing equipment have empowered the dental professionals to develop safer processes while realizing efficiencies and ultimately save time and money. Dr. Garima’s Dental Clinic is equipped with the latest sterilization technology in order to provide you the most desired results. The process of sterilization is an essential component of infection control that is very necessary for patient’s safety and good oral health. With sterilization technology, there is no fear of transmission of infection during dental procedures. Sterilzation Procedure used at our dental clinic:

1. Autoclave – also known as Autoclaving. It is the most rapid and effective method for sterilizing dental equipment. The result is that the patient is ensured 100% Sterile Treatment.

2. UV Radiation – is used in disinfecting water, air, titanium implants and other dental equipment.

3. Disinfection – All Surfaces within the dental clinic is disinfected to ensure clinic hygiene and patient’s safety.

4. Waste Disposal – The clinic is equipped with a n In-House system for safe disposal of consumables used during the treatment.

5. Hygiene – At Dr Garima’s Dental Clinic, the team of dentists and Support Staff use masks, gloves etc for maintaining personal hygiene. The Use of Disposables wherever possible ensures the patient’s gets a high quality treatment everytime.

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